Sexy Tee Shirt Giveaway Contest!

It’s finally here! The first ever Pop Tweets Contest! 

Are you HUGE on Twitter?! (or wanna pretend too be?)

Giving away 3 of these awesome tees!!!












Pop Tweets Contest!!

Here’s how to enter:

Follow me on Twitter.

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Subscribe to Pop Tweets Youtube Channel! 

And leave a comment below the youtube video letting me know u did all that.

I will follow back on Twitter too. :)

Giving away 3 tee shirts on March 8, 2013.

Thanks for supporting Pop Tweets! Good Luck!

America’s Tweetheart




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Super Bowl Weekend & Mardi Gras are Trending on Twitter!

Hey Everybody,

Hope you are all had a fun Superbowl Weekend! Truthfully I don’t give a F*@#  about football, but I like any excuse to party & Superbowl Weekend is one of the biggest parties of the year!! (Both in real life & on Twitter.)

Since the Superbowl was in New Orleans & Mardi Gras is coming up, I threw a Superbowl Mardi Gras bash.

Here’s a pic of me & some of my tweethearts ignoring the game.






Superbowl & Mardi Gras were both huge trending topics on Twitter & make #1 & #3 on my trending topic recap. Here’s the full recap of my fave trends this week!

#1-Superbowl. Yeah you already know this one. But did u know it got nearly 3 million tweets? The most tweeted about parts were Beyonce & the blackout. Check out the video (above) to see some of the funniest tweets.

#2 Postal Service to stop delivering on sat. USPS has been threatening to do this for a while. (If u call really call it a threat. I mean it’s not like you can really count on them any day-at least in my hood-what difference does one less day make.) But now it’s official. Mail service will only be 5 days a week.

#3-Mardi Gras-Duh! I have never been to Mardi Gras, but Twitter almost makes me feel like I’m there. Don’t forget to watch the video (above) to hear some of the funnest Mardi Gras tweets.

Ok that’s it, time for a daiquiri

Are you doing anything to celebrate Mardi Gras? Lemme know below.


America’s Tweetheart


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Beyonce, Star Wars and Fried Crickets are Trending on Twitter!

Hey Party People!

TGIF. :)  Who else is ready for the weekend?!

Since I know you’re all just sitting at your desks pretending to work while counting the minutes till Happy Hour, why not do something productive instead…Like get caught up on what’s trending this week.

Sooooo here’s my twitter trending topic recap:

#1-Beyonce Lip Syncs the Star Spangled Banner?!

#2-JJ Abrams to direct the new Star Wars Movie.

#3-Brad & Angelina feed the kiddies fried crickets.

What were your fave trending topics this week? Lemme know below. :)

And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @KatelynMichele


America’s Tweetheart


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Pop Tweets is Back!! First Twitter Trending Topic Recap of 2013.

Happy New Year,  Tweethearts!

Yes, I’m back!! Did ya miss me?

Hope you are all doing well so far with your New Year’s Resolutions…

My resolution is to bring you new Pop Tweets Twitter Trending Topic recaps each and every week.  Starting now.

So here’s my Twitter Trending Topic Recap for week of Jan 6th, 2013:

#1-Justin Bieber. The Biebs was trending (as usual) when pictures surfaced of him smoking a fat blunt at a party in Newport Beach with his BFF Lil Twist. (Lil Twist was also the one who was driving Justin’s Ferrari just days before, when a paparazzo was killed while trying to take their picture.)  The same paparazzo, BTW, had accused the Biebs of smoking weed, just hours before his death, which Biebs totally denied.  Check out the vid (above) to find out the somewhat offense (& just plain weird) hashtag Justin’s disappointed fans responded with. (Cuz my heads starting to hurt trying to explain it all-ya ever notice how every Justin Bieber story has like 15 different parts to it!?!!)

#2-Kimye Baby Pics.  I’m apparently soooo outta the loop that I just learned that we were now calling Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Kimye. (Or maybe I just don’t give a F)  OK let’s just keep this one short.  Apparently, in very non-characteristic move for both, the power couple turned down money. (what?!?)  Rumour has it, that they wer ealready been offered $3 million for pics of their unborn baby.  I’m guessing they are just holding off for a better offer…

#3-Al Roker Poops!- Gotta admit this random topic is my fave this week.  (Maybe because I have the sense of humour of a 6 year old.) No idea why Al Roker wanted to admit to pooping his pants at white house on national TV. But he did. And it’s hilarious.

It’s all in the video!! (above)

Tweet ya next week!


America’s Tweetheart





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Playboy Mansion Halloween Party

Hello again, all my spooky tweetie pies!!  It’s almost the big day!

Hopefully you have already watched the Pop Tweets Halloween Special and have been enjoying some of my Halloween Movies, Halloween songs & Halloween cocktails…!

I kicked off the celebration a bit early this weekend at the Playboy Mansion Halloween Party.  As promised, here are some pics. (A special treat for my tweeps!)

Here are me and some of my sexy tweethearts at the Beverly Hills hotel on the way to the Playboy Mansion Halloween Party!  (I’m a pink unicorn. Got this awesome J Valentine Costume from my tweetheart Tiffany’s site Mistress Lingerie)












There were lots of evil sexy body paint models at the party.







But they were no match for my BFF’s Holly Meowy & Kalia.  (Love the DJ in the background haha)








Here’s our whole group (well actually only half of Brigetta haha, plus someone’s leg.)








And of course no Playboy Mansion Party is complete without Kato Kaelin!








Hope you guys like the pics, don’t forget to lemme know whatcha think @KatelynMichele.

And if you missed the Halloween vid, check it out here!

Happy Halloween!


America’s Tweetheart

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Best of Halloweenie!! Scary Movies, Music and Cocktails

What’s up, Tweethearts!?  Happy Halloweenie! 






Yeah, I know of been slacking off a little on the blog portion of Pop Tweets..

But, it’s my Halloweenie resolution to start doing it again every week!! (People make resolutions for Halloween right?)

Anyways,  I’ve decided to something a bit different on this week’s Pop Tweets.  So here it is..the first ever Pop Tweets Halloweenie Special!!! It’s a countdown show. (If you prefer to read then watch, just scroll down below the video.)

Here are my top 3 in each catagory:

Best Halloween Movies







#2-The Shining








#3-The Nightmare Before Christmas







Best Halloween Songs

#1-Talking Heads-Psycho Killer








#2-Marilyn Manson-Sweets Dreams








#1-Ministry-Everyday is Halloween






Best Halloween Cocktails

#3 Bloody Cran Apple Punch








#2 Vegan Pumpkin Martini








#1 Eyeball-tini









Make sure to check out my Twitter and Facebook pages this week, cuz I will be posting pictures of me and my tweethearts at various events, including the Playboy Mansion Halloween Party and the Magic Castle.  I have some awesome costumes picked out! :)

I will leave you with these question: What are your fave Halloween Movies? Fave Halloween songs? And Fave Halloween Cocktails? Please lemme know below, or leave your comments on my Twitter or Facebook!

Trick or Tweet!


America’s Tweetheart





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Twitter War!! Perez Hilton vs. One Direction

Hello my little Tweetie Pies! 

Writing this post on the plane heading to the windy city..…though I doubt it’s going to be very windy this time of year. ;(

Hmm  let me re-phrase…I’m writing this post on my way to the hot & humid city. (Going back home to Chi-town for a visit, though why I ever leave my perfect Venice Beach weather IDK..)

But anyway, the trending topics don’t stop just beacause I’m on vacay, right?! (Especially when there’s a Twitter War going on!!)

So let’s get down to it, this week’s top twitter trending topics, coming from someone who spends way too much time on Twitter:

Twitter War!! Perez Hilton vs. One Direction

#1-Twitter War. There is nothing I love more than a good Twitter War, for reals. ;)  The sides are Perez Hilton vs, the Directioners.  They Directioners are the fandom of Boy Band One Direction. (Since the last boy band on my radar was New Kids on the Block, when I made fun of the kids who liked them in grade school, I had to do a bit research on this one haha)  Anywho, these kids are pretty cray when it comes to their boys & we all know Perez Hilton is a total bitch…So put the two together and ya get hilarioty! (Watch the video for some of their tweets)

 #2-Legitimate Rape. Ahhh yes the Republican Party continues to make my Politatweets.  I’m beginning to think the Directioners would be a better political party. (And they are pretty dumb, as you will see in the vid) This time it’s the Republican candidate for Missouri senate Todd Akin who made an incredibly interesting remark to support his pro-life views . He says that woman rarely get pregnant in case of “legitimate rape” because their reproductive system shuts down.  Huh?

 #3-Avril Levinge. Hmmm lotsa of Pop Music trending this week. (I’m still a rock n roller, I swear!) Avril was trending because she’s marrying the dude from Nickleback. (umm does Nickleback count as rock?! America’s Tweetheart says “NO!”) Apparently their engagement was a bit of a surprise; no one on the twittosphere even knew they were dating. Anyway, they do make a cute couple (or at least Avril’s half of the couple of the couple is cute haha) and I wish them the best.  :)

OK that’s all folks…think my sleeping pill’s ’bout to kick in. Tweet ya in Chicago!


America’s Tweetheart

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Insane Clown Posse is trending!

What’s up party people! Hope you’re all having an awesome week.  Wondering why all the makeup? Well, Insane Clown Posse is trending!

Insane Clown Posse is trending

Here are all of my fave Twitter Trending Topics this week:

#1-SHARK WEEK!! In all honesty I have never watched Shark week, but people in the twittosphere are def getting all cray cray about it! (Yes, I just said cray cray-sorry!) Check out some of the tweets about Shark Week in the video above.  Also the animal-lover in me would like to remind you many of these beautiful creatures are on the verge of extinction, here’s a great article on what you can do to help!

#2-Paul Ryan is trending.  Well, actually Paul Ryan Gosling. If you havent seen it yet, you must check out this hilarious Twitter Parody account making fun of Mitt Romney’s cray cray running mate. (Yup, I just said cray cray again. AAAAAH once you start, you can’t stop!!)  This account is a spoof of Feminist Ryan Gosling.  A paradody of a parody-LOVE IT!

#3-Insane Clown Posse. Bet you haven’t heard that name in a while, (if ever)! LOL.  Apparently the posse is still around, cray cray makeup & all. (Omg did I just say it again-somebody help me!)  Anyway, the Insane Clown Posse have been in the news because they are  suing the FBI over the fact that their fans (the juggalos) are being classified as a gang. (Which makes them pretty F-ed if they are ever arrested.) Watch the video above for more deets & see America’s Tweetheart in juggalo make-up! Im so cray cray hee hee.

Ok, that’s it my tweeties, please follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook and subscribe to my youtube! If you do, I promise to never utter the words cray cray again.   Today.


America’s Tweetheart

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2012 Emmy Nominations are Trending

What’s up, Tweeps!  

Another exciting week in the Twittosphere, America’s Tweetheart here with your Twitter Trending Recap:

Emmy Nominations are Trending


#1-Emmy Nominations are trending! If you know anything bout me, ya know I love TV almost as much as I love Twitter. (Scripted only, I’m oldskool) So love love love emmy nomination time!  Two of my fave shows racked up a shit-load of noms; American Horror Story and Madmen both got 17 nominations. (They are in different categories, so not competing against each other.) Other contenders include Curb Modern Family, Smash, Veep, Louis CK to name a few, for full list click here.

#2-Mitt Romney is my polititweet of the week! Mitt is hardly the king of social media… (….Or anything cool for that matter.)  So it made headlines over the weekend, when Mitt scored over 100,000 new twitter users in just a couple of days. I don’t wanna start any rumors (Oh, who am I kidding, I love starting rumours) but there has been some speculation that he might have bought himself some Twitter followers. Check out the video for the lowdown.

#3-Chik-fil-A  I will proudly admit I have never eaten Chik-fil-A (I love little chickies and my arteries too much!)  But apparently it’s like crack to most American’s, so when their CEO admitted to being anti-gay marriage and giving lotsa money to anti-gay organizations, a lot of people weren’t so happy.  (And some bigots were vey happy-just depends on your point of view I guess.) Check out the video to here what both sides were tweeting.

OK, that’s in for now.  Taking a little Twitter vacation this weekend-out enjoying the great outdoors in Bass Lake, CA!

But will be back before you know it, so make sure to follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook and Subscribe to my youtube channel.

And don’t forget to tune in for a brand new episode of Pop Tweets next Thursday!


America’s Tweetheart

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